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Shark Fin Transformation

Patient began orthodontic treatment and was worried he would never have his lower right anterior tooth (#27). An x-ray revealed the tooth was there, although sideways and undeveloped (appears in the x-ray as a shark fin lurking just below the surface). A small surgical procedure later, followed by traction and continued orthodontic treatment, and patient now has #27 upright and where it belongs!
5-Star Treatment!!
5-Star Treatment!!

I had a stand-out experience with Dr. Medellin and his team at OrthoGrace Dental and couldn't be happier! I went in with an unusual request: I wanted some cosmetic work done on a front tooth crown that was twenty years old, and being an artist type, I wanted to make it stand out--I wanted gold. Dr. Medellin came up with the perfect solution: an open-face gold frame. I thought about it for a week and as soon as I decided it was right for me, they took my impressions and sent them to the lab right away. Dr. Medellin has lab experience himself--and he even had to do some convincing--the lab didn't want to do it! But he worked it out with a former colleague and they figured how it could be done; I'd gone to the right man for the job.

Each appointment was smooth and professional, and the work turned out excellent! The design, quality of craftsmanship, and implementation were all beautiful, and at a price point that I felt was reasonable and fair for such a procedure. I love it more all the time. Thank you Doctor Medellin and team!

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