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Do you do silver or white fillings?

At OrthoGrace Dental, we only place tooth-colored (white) fillings, also called composite fillings. The material used for these fillings is made up of plastic and glass particles that produce an appearance similar to that of natural tooth enamel. We can also customize the material to match the color of your teeth and create a repair that is virtually invisible.

Silver fillings (amalgam) are made of a combination of metals, including mercury. They have been widely used for decades, but today many people are understandably concerned about having metal in their teeth. That is one reason why we don’t place any silver fillings at our Northridge dental office.

Another reason is that with composite fillings we only need to remove the damaged part of your tooth to create a long-lasting repair. It is always better for your long-term oral health to conserve the structure of your tooth for as long as we can.

Finally, the composite material can also be used for cosmetic dental bonding. This is a procedure where we use the material to fix chipped, cracked, or stained teeth to improve your appearance.

If you think you need a tooth filled or are interested in cosmetic bonding, please call OrthoGrace Dental to arrange an appointment. 

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