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Will a root canal hurt and how long does it take?

A root canal is a procedure that is needed to relieve the pain of an infected tooth, and the truth is that a root canal procedure does not cause pain. We always make sure your mouth is completely numb before we begin the procedure so you won’t feel anything. Our team is also sensitive to your concerns and will do everything we can to support you and help you feel comfortable.

The root canal process is very straightforward. When we are sure you are comfortable, Dr. Medellin will access the inner part of your tooth by creating a tiny hole. Then he gently removes the infected material and fills and seals the tooth.

Depending on the tooth involved, we usually complete a root canal over one or two visits. Typically, we can finish the root canal during your first appointment, then have you return so we can add a crown to protect and strengthen the tooth.

We do everything we can to make your visit comfortable and stress-free by offering comforting amenities like warm blankets and pillows and TVs in every treatment room.

If you are in pain or have a tooth that is bothering you, please call OrthoGrace Dental to get the help you need.

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