Children's Dentistry

Excellent oral health is one of the best gifts you can give your child. Kids deserve a fun childhood filled with fun and laughter, and a healthy smile is just one way you can help them achieve that!

As the father of young children, Dr. Joe Medellin understands what it takes to help children relax in a new environment that can be a little overwhelming. Our first goal is to slowly introduce your child to the idea of being around us.

Every child reacts differently, and our caring, experienced team is happy to give them all the time they need. And don’t be embarrassed if your child is having a difficult time adjusting at first. We will simply postpone the appointment because your child’s first visits must be positive so that dental care is a thing they want to do, not a thing they have to do!

Keeping Baby Teeth Healthy

We like to see children for their first visit around age one. By this time, your child’s baby teeth are starting to emerge, so monitoring their development at this age is critical.

Think of baby teeth as a placeholder for adult teeth. Even as those cute little teeth are erupting, primary teeth are already developing in your child’s jaw. Our job is to keep baby teeth healthy until they fall out naturally, giving primary teeth room to erupt properly.

During the first few visits, Dr. Medellin will take a look in their mouth and make sure there are no obvious problems that we need to address. These appointments are also valuable because we will be happy to offer you tips for proper oral hygiene for your baby. You should also feel free to ask us any questions you have about bottle feeding, nutrition, and thumb sucking.

At OrthoGrace Dental, we understand how helpful distractions can be for a nervous child. We offer TVs in every treatment room complete with cartoons for your little one’s entertainment. When your child finishes their visit, they are welcome to pick a prize from our toy chest.

Care for Your Children as They Grow

Shortly after baby teeth emerge, a lot is happening with your child’s teeth and this will continue until they are in their late teens or early 20s. Children require different types of care at different ages, and we will be with them every step of the way.

We are happy to provide services for children of all ages including routine exams, fluoride treatments and sealants, fillings, and orthodontic evaluations and treatment if necessary.

Your Child Deserves the Best!

Whether you have a baby who’s ready for their first visit or an older child who needs treatment, please call our Northridge dental office to arrange a convenient appointment. We look forward to becoming your child’s dental home for life!