Crowns & Bridges

A missing or decayed tooth can take a toll on your whole life outlook.

If you feel embarrassed about the way your teeth look, you probably want to hide your smile, which affects your self-confidence. Eating can also be frustrating because you constantly need to shift food around in your mouth to find a comfortable way to chew.

At OrthoGrace Dental, we are pleased to offer state-of-the-art dental crowns and bridges to restore damaged teeth to full health. Our custom restorations are crafted just for you using the most natural-looking and durable materials available today.

How a Dental Crown Works

We recommend a dental crown when a tooth is so damaged that a filling is no longer enough to support it. Crowns are designed to surround the tooth like a little helmet to protect it from further damage and allow you to eat and smile confidently again.

A crown may be made of metal, porcelain fused to metal, all porcelain, or zirconia. All these materials are highly durable, and which we choose depends on your esthetic preferences and where the crown is located in your mouth.

Problems We Can Solve with Crowns

Crowns are a versatile restoration that we use to restore function and appearance in the following situations:

  • A tooth is too damaged to be treated with a filling.
  • A damaged tooth has already been filled multiple times.
  • We are seeking to strengthen and protect a tooth after root canal treatment.
  • You want to change the shape, size, or shade of an existing tooth. 

It takes two or three appointments to place a crown. First, Dr. Medellin removes a small bit of enamel from your tooth to allow the crown to fit properly. Next, we take impressions that we use to make a model of your teeth. We then send the impressions and any other information we gather to a custom dental lab where your new crown is created.

In about two weeks, you will return to our office so we can place the crown. We adjust it for fit by making sure there are no high spots that affect your dental bite. When we are both satisfied that the crown looks great and fits properly, we will cement it securely in place.

Dental Bridges – A Solution for Missing Teeth

If you don’t want to face more complicated dental problems, missing teeth must be replaced as soon as possible. When there’s a gap in your smile, surrounding teeth move to fill in the open space. This creates alignment problems and difficulty cleaning your teeth properly, which can lead to decay and gum disease.

A dental bridge is a perfect solution because it fills the space left by a missing tooth and restores lost function. Bridges usually consist of an artificial tooth attached to a dental crown on either side. The crowns are cemented to the adjacent teeth for support, and the result is a smile that functions perfectly and looks great.

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Are you living with a damaged smile? At OrthoGrace Dental, we promise you that we aren’t here to make judgments about your current oral health. We just want to resolve whatever problem you are facing and show you the long-term benefits of a healthy smile.

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